Pet Food Utensils

Pet Food Utensils

Bacteria Free. Classic and practical pet bowl

The stainless steel pet material has a tight and non-porous structure, which can prevent the growth of bacteria to the greatest extent, prevent rust, and is easier to clean. It’s the #1 recommendation of veterinarians, specialists, and pet care professionals.

As a wholesale manufacturer of stainless steel pet bowls, Nicety adheres to the belief of environmental protection and health, insists on using regular and non-toxic materials on the Internet, and prohibits the precipitation of harmful substances during use of inferior materials.

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High-Grade Stainless Steel Lunchbox Features


Eco-Friendly Material

We utilize food-grade stainless steel to create the body of our stainless steel lunch box. This makes our stainless steel pet bowl eco-friendly and non-toxic for both the environment as well as users.

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non slip pet bowl

Global Standards in Pet Bowl Quality

Dedicated inspectors conduct thorough testing and checks throughout the manufacturing of our pet bowls. This includes a strict screening process on our raw materials and working with reliable suppliers. The QC system we have in place allows us to comply with global standards on food safety.


Suitable Design

We have a professional team to design products from pet eating habits and postures. After communicating with many veterinarians and pet lovers, we finalize the product. Of course, after the sample is produced, we will also conduct different types of pet use tests to ensure that the product can meet the pet’s preferences.

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A Word from Nicety's Designer

Nicety’s aims is to manufacture healthy and environmentally friendly food containers, which are widely used in social life and contribute to customers’ green life. We adopt food-grade stainless steel materials, and strictly control the production standards in terms of raw materials and production links to ensure that product quality is controllable.

To make our stainless steel products universally acceptable, we went through numerous drafts and iterations until we settled on a minimalist design that was recognized by a wide range of consumers.

Every stainless steel product contains a piece of ourselves because of the immense effort and time we invested to create the best possible vessel for all types of food. This has led to several outspoken brands choosing us such as Pepsi, Shell, and Nutrilite.

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NI 1600 YXCWYSJ 304宠物饮水机饮水机
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