Since 2005

Showing utmost dedication to quality and consistent production, Nicety pushes the envelope in meeting the global demand for stainless steel food containers.


Forever Changing the Lunch
Box Market

Nicety Stainless Steel Products Factory was established in 2005, opening our doors to the global audience.

Our initial offering includes a variety of stainless steel products made with superior materials and quality while developing a strong production chain for any market.

Factory exterior view 01


mass production of stainless steel food container

Continuous Expansion

To further improve our production capabilities and accommodate larger order volumes, we moved to a larger facility in 2010.

Along with the transition to our new site, we upgraded our equipment and added more effort to the R&D department. This expanded our product lineup to add more kitchenware items and various stainless steel lunch boxes.


From Indoor to Outdoor Foodware

After several mold modifications and testing, 2018 saw the release of our high-selling stainless steel sealed lunch boxes. This product line was beloved by our global consumers, particularly in Europe.

Along this time, we added pet product supplies and outdoor camping products to our product lineup, catering to the camping and outdoor market.

Outdoor camping pot set product test01


Company headquarters

Further Looking Forward

Thanks to strong global support, Nicety’s growth never stopped. Our factory was expanded to nearly 5,000 m2, thus adding more staff to our roster. The office was also moved to a high-rise office building, giving access to more opportunities.

From service to production, every part of the process was optimized to allow faster and optimal manufacturing to serve our customers better.

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NI 1600 YXCWYSJ 304宠物饮水机饮水机
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