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Nicety’s eco-friendly stainless steel tiffin boxes are a stylish food storage option. Our products cover an expanded lineup that includes lunch boxes, barware, outdoor and camping cookware, and pet food utensils. We also supply utensils to hotels and restaurants. Our products come from a sustainable source and are made by climate-neutral methods.

Stainless Steel Lunch Box

Stylish and leak proof, excellent for school and office our stainless steel lunch boxes can hold food on the go.

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By Lid Material

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Stainless Steel Outdoor Camping Products

Durable and compact, Nicety outdoor products are designed to withstand the elements, lightweight and easy to stack ready for camping

Pet Food Utensils

Our pet food utensils have a number of smart design features and smart looks, with BPA FREE and chemical FREE material.

Why Wholesale Stainless Steel Container from Nicety

Having 17 years of experience in manufacturing eco-friendly stainless steel containers, Nicety has a wide range of capabilities in making different stylish and leak-proof stainless products, like lunch boxes, kitchen utensils, outdoor & camping cookware, and custom stainless steel dog bowls.

Flexible MOQ

Our Minimum Order Quantity is dependent on your need. 24 pieces are acceptable. We have a flexible system to meet your stainless food container order whether large or small scale.

Factory-Directing Price

Bulk orders come with the benefit of reduced cost. At Nicety, we help to meet all stainless steel food storage containers wholesale needs at a discounted price, thereby making them more affordable.

Steady & Quick Supply

Having a streamlined manufacturing system and highly-skilled workers, all metal food container production processes are carried out quickly.

Environmentally Friendly

Following strict compliance with environmental and social responsibility standards, we produce eco-friendly and sustainable steel food containers that can be recycled.

Full Customized Stainless Steel Food Containers Wholesale

Bringing your concepts and ideas to life, Nicety has a wide range of capabilities in customizing your wholesale stainless steel food containers in different sizes, shapes, prints and packaging.

  • Stainless Steel Food Container Size & Dimension

    Having a fully equipped manufacturing factory and highly-skilled experts, we are able to make all sizes and dimensions of stainless steel food containers.
  • Stainless Steel Food Container Shape

    Your food containers can be customized in any shape you desire. We provide stainless steel square lunch boxes, oval lunch boxes, and round lunch boxes with handles for easy mobility.
  • Stainless Steel Food Container logo and packaging

    The logo and packaging of bulk stainless steel food containers could be customized for your business.

10 Years+ Experience in Wholesale Stainless Steel Container Industry

Following our establishment in 2005, we’ve been a one-stop service provider catering to all stainless steel food containers wholesale needs. At Nicety, we provide quality services that make us stand out among other steel tiffin box manufacturers.

Quality Certification:

For adherence to global quality standards of environmental and social responsibility, as well as health benefits, our metal food containers have gained FDA, BSCI, LFGB, EU, REACH, and CE certifications.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Nicety has extensive manufacturing capability. With a 4300 square meters factory and 4 production lines, we are able to produce 4500PCS food containers per day. 

R&D and OEM Capacity

Thanks to our research and development team, we are able to customise all types of steel food containers regardless of their dimensions, shapes, handles, utensils, sleeves, prints, and packaging.

After-sale Services

To ensure that you enjoy the use of your bulk steel food containers, we offer after-sale services. Via this medium, we attend to any challenge you may have.

Wholesale Stainless Steel Container Buying Guide

Whether at school, in the office, or any institution, everyone looks forward to their lunch break. Having the right stainless steel container helps to preserve the food, allowing it to retain its flavor and freshness.

So, where can you get the best wholesale stainless steel containers? What are the things to consider when buying them? And how do you place your orders on Nicety?

What's New

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