Climate Neutral

More Sustainable Business. Performing Climate Neutral Action

Being 100% carbon neutral means taking active steps to reduce waste and ensure a cleaner environment with our mindful use of transportation, production processes, and durable materials.

Reducing Traffic Hassles. Applying Electric Vehicles

Nicety reduces smoke emissions through the use of electric vehicles in our employees’ commutes, which contributes to the lowering of our carbon footprint. Every delivery with our electric vehicles is to the benefit of the community.

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Stability in Production. Only Eco-Friendly Materials

We select only eco-friendly materials, with food-grade stainless steel replacing plastics to reduce waste. Our quick access to a large supply of stainless steel ensures us an abundant resource that we easily acquire for faster, sustainable production.

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Stainless Steel Products

We actively reduce waste by making use of stainless steel that has been tested to ensure our products come with enough durability to not break under constant use.

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The hardness of bamboo guarantees that our utensils and products can be used for long periods without breaking easily. Bamboo also regenerates faster than trees, making it a more sustainable resource for our production.

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A widely available material, silicone is a versatile, highly flexible metal that is easy to make into colorful, bespoke products. With its high recycling rate, silicone can be easily remade into different products, making it a zero-waste option that helps save on costs in the long run.

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To reduce waste accumulation, we use BPA-free plastic material for our pet water dispensers and test them for their lasting durability. During production, the plastics release fewer toxins, making them clean, safe materials for making accessories for widespread distribution.

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Reducing Hazards. Sustainable Production Techniques

To minimize the production of chemicals and pollutants, we apply different eco-friendly processes, such as reducing the use of electrolytes in the production of lunch boxes and using magnetic polishing instead of physical polishing.

Reducing Waste, Strong Paper Packaging

Durable and sturdy under any condition, kraft paper box packaging maintains the clean appearance of our stainless steel products and secures them when on transit.

Kraft paper reduces pollution and waste that plastic bags or color boxes could bring, thereby preventing risks and saving both your budget and the environment.

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NI 1600 YXCWYSJ 304宠物饮水机饮水机
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