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We have gained BSCI, LFGB, and FDA certification to display our compliance with strict, global standards of environmental and social responsibility. Through our line of plastic-free goods and attentive quality control, we secure the trust of global brands, ensuring the consistent distribution of sustainable products. Our commitment to environmental standards shows how every business must also be a service to the community.

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Along with sustainable business practices, we also ensure the safety of our workforce within our factory by adhering to international policies and lean manufacturing standards.


We look at every aspect of production to ensure our products are free from toxic chemicals or corrosives and safe for food contact, maintaining their safe use for your customers.


To maintain the safety of your consumers, we consistently test our stainless steel and other materials to ensure the materials do not affect the smell or taste of food. By this standard, we are certified to deliver only food-grade products to your premises.

Made to Last + Recyclable

While plastic continues to fill up landfills, we use alternatives like stainless steel to lower our carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner environment.

With its durability and resistance to wearing, stainless steel is a sustainable material for long-lasting products, resulting in less waste. Having a 100% recovery rate, our stainless steel products can be recycled annually after being used as a new product.

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stainless steel product store

A Consistent Supply of
Stainless Steel

Nicety can maintain a large volume production through our quick access to the stainless steel hubs in Caitang Town. This geographical advantage helps maintain a steady and timely production while helping reduce the costs of our products.

Keeping Our Stainless Steel
Products Scratch-free

We add a layer of finishing or coating on our stainless steel products to keep them from being vulnerable to scratching. Doing so gives our products a clean appearance and increases the lifespan of our stainless steel to ensure our products can be used regularly without any damage.

Product Bagging
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Partitioned Layer
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Surface Wipe
clean stainless steel food container
Tissue Paper Packing
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Product Tests

We apply rigorous testing in every level of production to guarantee they can withstand extreme temperatures, pressure and corrosion.

Our tests also include sealing tests that help our products prevent leakage and reduce the entry of contaminants to our products usable for long periods.

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Seal Test for Lunch Box
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Tightness Test of Bamboo Lid
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Snaplock Test

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NI 1600 YXCWYSJ 304宠物饮水机饮水机
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