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Nicety offers a variety of stainless steel water fountains for different pets (dogs and cats inclusive). Mainly made of food-grade stainless steel, they are not easy to breed bacteria during use, easy to clean, and are durable. The flowing water increases the cat’s interest in drinking water, and the silent design makes the water dispenser work in a quiet environment without making noisy sounds.

Each pet water dispenser is highly customizable to help you bolster your branding campaign and resonate with your target audience. We have a robust production facility to ensure your order of stainless steel water dispenser is completed as per expected date.

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Features of Nicety Stainless Steel Pet Fountain

Using stainless steel which is a healthy and environmentally friendly material, we make wholesale stainless steel food containers and stainless steel pet water dispenser that are light, cost-effective, and highly functional.

  • Uniqueness

    We have professional and experienced stainless pet water dispenser designers that make products are relatively different from the market models and have certain novelties and technological breakthroughs.
  • Easy to clean

    It’s easy to clean pets’ saliva, thereby stopping the growth of bacteria and preventing the stainless steel pet water fountain from being slippery over time.
  • Eco-friendly

    Unlike some other plastic pet water dispensers, Nicety stainless steel pet fountains don’t produce toxic substances even when used for a long-term.

Fully Customized Stainless Steel Cat & Dog Water Fountain

Using stainless steel which is a healthy and environmentally friendly material, we make wholesale stainless steel food containers and stainless steel pet water dispenser that are light, cost-effective, and highly functional.

  • Custom Metal Pet Fountain Capacity

    The pet fountains can be customized in the different sizes to suit your special business. They could also be in the form of bigger fountains for older pets and smaller fountains for younger pets.

  • Custom Non-slip Stainless Pet Fountain

    Stainless pet fountain are customized in Nicety to aviod slip, such as the application of rubber silicone rings, the stainless pet fountains are made not to slide or skid.

  • Custom Stainless Steel Pet Fountain Shape

    We are capable of making steel pet fountains in any shape. Slow feeder pet fountain or other shapes are available for your sales range.

  • Custom Steel Slow Feeder Pet Fountain

    The stainless pet fountain can be customized to dispense water slowly, ensuring that pets don’t choke. This special type could help expand your product range.

  • Custom Metal Pet Fountain Packaging

    The packaging can be in any form you demand, be it in a neutral white box or custom designed box. Your logo can also be added to promote your brand.

  • Custom Metal Pet Fountain Appearance

    For more durable and beautifully designed fountains, we do powder coating that are scratch-free and apply custom designs through printing, stamping, laser etching, vacuum plating, among others.

Why Order Tiffin Boxes from Nicety

Nicety is a highly-rated steel tiffin manufacturer that stands out among others for the manufacturing of high-quality lunch boxes and offering value-added services. Below are some of the reasons why you should order all your stainless steel lunch boxes from Nicety:

The Brand Owner

We will provide you with custom stainless pet fountains that are made specifically for your brand. Our focus is to build your brand identity and turn your ideas into practical designs.

  • Over 17 years of experience as an OEM/ODM manufacturer.
  • Promote your brand image.
  • Update your metal pet fountain designs annually to match the changing industry trends.
  • Make productions in line with changing demands of customers.


We provide distributors and retailers with customized stainless steel pet water dispenser for online and offline services. At Nicety, we offer quality pet fountains with certifications to prove and manufacture new products regularly.

  • Competitive price.
  • Wide range of stainless pet fountains
  • Premium after-sale services
  • Quick and stable supply

Why Wholesale Pet Fountain from Nicety

We supply a wide range of ready-made and customized stainless pet water fountains at wholesale prices and offer after-sales services that elevate your business success by offering unique solutions to customers’ demands, which translate to increased sales and promotion of your brand image. Coupled with having over a decade of experience in meeting all stainless steel food storage containers wholesale needs, including pet fountains, we are highly reliable for the reasons below.

Quality Certification:

Our stainless steel dog bowls and stainless pet fountains are in compliance with the industry-regulated standards like the LFGB, FDA, EU, CE, REACH, and BSCI, guaranteeing that they are of high quality.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Our capability spread across all borders. Thanks to our large production base and 4 established production lines, we are able to produce as much as 4500pcs of stainless steel dog and cat water fountains per day.

R&D and OEM Capacity

We develop unique stainless pet fountains that are peculiar to your brand, making you stand out amongst your competitors. With Nicety, your customization specifications, like the sizes, shapes, and packaging will be followed.

After-sale Services

We remain in contact with you after your water dispenser order is completed to provide further professional assistance and help solve any challenge you encounter.

Stainless Steel Pet Fountain Sourcing Guide

Sourcing for the best stainless steel pet fountain for your dog and cat requires some preliminary knowledge like the most reliable source, the elements to consider when making a purchase, and how to make an order.



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