Stainless Steel Lunch Box

Stainless Steel Lunch Box

Bacteria Free. Highly Demanded Stainless
Steel Lunch Box.

Our stainless steel lunchboxes are in China where we can source high-quality, food-grade stainless steel. This steel is a sustainable material that does not harbor bacteria. Each box is professionally constructed according to market demand and design trends. Through our mature supply chain, we ensure a steady supply of high-grade stainless steel lunch boxes during peak periods and at competitive prices.

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Nicety Convex Lunch Box

Top Steel Tiffin Box Manufacturer in China

Nicety is a professional and experienced stainless steel tiffin manufacturer that has been in existence since 2005. With the goal to provide a healthier, eco-friendly, and cost-effective means of preserving food, we manufacture steel tiffin boxes that last for a very long time at top performance.

Nicety stainless steel food containers are produced in compliance with strict global quality standards, making them conducive for the health and environment. Some of these standards include the LFGB, EU, REACH, FDA, CE, and BSCI.

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Full Custom Steel Lunch Box for Your Business

Applying state-of-the-art techniques, we offer a wide range of manufacturing capabilities in bringing your custom steel lunch box ideas and concepts to life.

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  • Custom Metal Lunch Box Lid

    For the perfect coverage of your stainless lunch box, we manufacture different types of lids, such as bamboo lid and stainless steel lid.

  • Steel Lunch Box Appearance

    To improve the aesthetics of your lunch box, we apply powder coating that’s scratch-proof, as well as custom appearances through printing, laser etching, stamping, decal craft, paint spraying, thermoprint, etc.

  • Steel Lunch Box Shape

    As a qualified stainless steel lunch box manufacturer, our manufacturing capabilities extend to the making of different shapes of lunch boxes, including square, round, oval, compartment, and rectangular steel lunch boxes.

  • Stainless Tiffin Box Packaging

    We provide you with top-class packaging that creates a lasting impression. Your custom steel lunch box packaging can also be customized with your logo to promote your brand.

Why Order Tiffin Boxes from Nicety

Nicety is a highly-rated steel tiffin manufacturer that stands out among others for the manufacturing of high-quality lunch boxes and offering value-added services. Below are some of the reasons why you should order all your stainless steel lunch boxes from Nicety:

Flexible MOQ

We have a 4300 square meters tiffin box factory that’s fully equipped for fast and efficient production. Our Minimum Order Quantity is 24; we are focused on meeting your demands.

Factory-Directing Price

When you choose Nicety as your steel tiffin supplier and buy in bulk, you enjoy a high discount rate, reducing the total cost of your order.

Steady & Quick Supply

With a high daily production capacity of about 4500PCS/day, your stainless lunch box orders are shipped within 7 days..

Environmentally Friendly

We make use of materials and manufacturing processes that don’t cause any damage to the environment. Our tiffin boxes are manufactured to be recyclable, ensuring that they don’t end up in landfills.

One-stop Solution for Steel Tiffin Manufacturing



Involves the use of an automatic blanking machine to cut the stainless steel plate into small parts that are moldable.



Using a hydraulic punching machine to carry out the first stretch molding. It’s done to mold the square steel lunch boxes into shape.



Punching machine is used to trim off irregular edges, making the stainless steel lunch boxes smooth with no rough edges.



Edge cutting machine is further used on the stainless lunch boxes edges after which they are polished for improved elegance.


Spot Welding

A technique that’s applied to add decorative parts like handles, sleeves to the stainless steel lunch boxes. This helps in enhancing the beauty.


Cleaning & Packaging

To complete the manufacturing process, ultrasonic cleaning and wipe cleaning are done after which the stainless steel boxes are packaged.

Over 10 Years of Experience as a Steel Lunch Box Manufacturer

With over a decade of experience as a stainless steel lunch box supplier, Nicety has served numerous brands with unique and exquisite lunch boxes.

Quality Certification:

Following our compliance with reputable quality regulatory standards, our stainless steel lunch boxes have gained several certifications, including the LFGB, EU, REACH, FDA, CE, and BSCI.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Nicety has a wide range of manufacturing capabilities, which includes the production of wholesale tiffin box regardless of the bulkiness or complexity required. We can manufacture as much 4500 pcs/day.

R&D and OEM Capacity

With the ability to produce different utensils, handles, prints, sizes, shapes (oval, square, rectangle, and round) of lunch boxes, as well as various packaging styles, we carry out thorough research to find the best unique method to meet your lunch box needs.

After-sale Services

After your steel lunch boxes order is fulfilled, we remain in contact with you to ensure that you get the best use of your lunch boxes. We provide solutions to any difficulty faced.

Stainless Steel Lunch Box Sourcing Guide

Following the steady need of lunch boxes, the number of stainless steel tiffin box manufacturers on the market has increased. These manufacturers offer a wide array of steel lunch boxes, making selection difficult.

However, your choice should be based on the quality of the stainless steel lunch box. Also, the type should be considered as it dictates the amounts of food options it can contain at a time.

High-Grade Stainless Steel Lunchbox Features


Eco-Friendly Material

We utilize high-grade SUS 304 stainless steel to create the body of our stainless steel lunch box. This makes our stainless steel lunch box eco-friendly and non-toxic for both the environment as well as users.

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Global Standards in Lunch Box Quality

Dedicated inspectors conduct thorough testing and checks throughout the manufacturing of our lunch boxes. This includes a strict screening process on our raw materials and working with reliable suppliers. The QC system we have in place allows us to comply with global standards on food safety.


Trendy Design

Each of our stainless steel lunch boxes is designed to seal in the aroma and taste of any meals thanks to the advanced lock mechanic and sealing properties of our bamboo lead. The clean and sleek design of our lunchboxes makes them suitable for schools, colleges, offices, and other settings.

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A Word from Nicety's Designer

Nicety’s aims is to manufacture healthy and environmentally friendly food containers, which are widely used in social life and contribute to customers’ green life. We adopt food-grade stainless steel materials, and strictly control the production standards in terms of raw materials and production links to ensure that product quality is controllable.

To make our stainless steel products universally acceptable, we went through numerous drafts and iterations until we settled on a minimalist design that was recognized by a wide range of consumers.

Every stainless steel product contains a piece of ourselves because of the immense effort and time we invested to create the best possible vessel for all types of food. This has led to several outspoken brands choosing us such as Pepsi, Shell, and Nutrilite.


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