Corporate Profile

Nicety is dedicated to producing eco-friendly stainless steel wares and innovating food storage with cutting-edge technology.

Reliable Manufacturer

We produce lunch boxes with climate-neutral methods and assist in packaging and branding as a reliable manufacturer. Our goal is to deliver lunch boxes that are stylish, durable, eco-friendly and wares for the outdoors and pets.

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Team discusses the design and appearance of the product

Style and Functionality Combined

Being healthy is fun with Nicety as your food storage solution. Trendy design in a robust and food-safe stainless steel wares making food storage more personalized and colorful. Durable tiffin boxes and camping wares that brave the elements in style.

Multiple Applications


The Kitchen

Our food storage provides a reusable and long-lasting solution to single-use disposables and a healthier way to keep your food.

The outdoors

The Outdoors

Stainless steel wares are excellent for camping, both as a leak-proof storage and cooking, and safe for the environment


For the Pets

Our feeding bowls and racks are durable and easy to clean for pets to stay healthier.

What We Value

Providing a healthier way for food to be accessible and have more nutritious options at home or on the go.

Children eating food from stainless steel lunch boxes

Our Values


We’re driven to bring eco-friendly and food-safe containers to the global market.


Working close within the team and with our clients to achieve business goals.


Transparency and clear communication with each transaction, building trust all the way.


Committed to sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing, from material sourcing to production techniques.

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NI 1600 YXCWYSJ 304宠物饮水机饮水机
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