Stainless Steel Square Lunch Box

Stainless Steel Square Lunch Box

Leak-Proof. Cutting-Edge Stainless Steel Square Lunch Box.

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Nicety, as a stainless steel lunch box square factory, our stainless steel square lunch boxes have smooth and burr-less surfaces to make them easy to clean. A concave bottom also makes our stainless steel square lunch boxes easy to grip because of their anti-slip surface. Each box is highly customizable to help you bolster your branding campaign and resonate with your target audience. We have a robust production facility to ensure your order of stainless steel square lunch boxes is completed as per the expected date.

Nicety square Steel Tiffin Box with Handle

Top Square Steel Lunch Box Factory in China

Following our establishment in 2005, we’ve dedicated all efforts to providing healthier and environmental-friendly steel lunch boxes across the whole world. As a top manufacturer of square stainless steel tiffin containers, we have the capacity of making different designs and shapes, including square stainless steel tiffin boxes.

Nicety stainless steel food containers have smooth and burpless surfaces, making them simple to clean. And our square steel lunch boxes also come with an anti-slip surface, which makes them easy to grip. All our productions are in line with strict global quality standards, like the LFGB, EU, REACH, FDA, CE, and BSCI. This certifies the reliability of our products for health and environmental sustainability.

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Customized Square Steel Tiffin Box for Your Business

Each of our wholesale tiffin boxes is highly customizable to bolster your branding campaign and resonate with your market. We have a 4300 factory area that’s fully loaded with state-of-the-art machinery and highly-skilled staff that ensures your stainless steel square lunch box order is completed as per your requirements.

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  • Custom Square Steel Lunch Box Lid

    We manufacture different types of lids, like bamboo and stainless steel lids that help to seal the aroma and taste of any food, as well as prevent leakage.
  • Steel Square Tiffin Box Appearance

    To enhance the longevity and beauty of your steel square lunch box, we apply powder coat to prevent scratch and custom designs like silk printing, laser etching, stamping, decal craft, decal paper, paint spraying, 3D, vacuum plating, and thermoprint.
  • Square Steel Tiffin Box Shape

    Asides from square steel lunch boxes, we have an extensive capability in making other shapes like round, oval, and rectangular steel lunch boxes.
  • Packaging

    The packaging method (like the number of square tiffin containers in a package) can be customized. Also, the outer part can be designed with your logo to promote your brand.

Why Rectangular Steel Lunch Box from
Nicety Factory

Nicety is a leading square stainless steel tiffin box factory that manufactures high-grade rectangular steel lunch boxes with value-added services that are highlighted below.

Flexible MOQ

Handling every customers' demands differently, we operate on a flexible Minimum Order Quantity system for square steel lunch box catering to your needs either bulk or small.

Factory-Directing Price

With Nicety as your square stainless steel lunch box supplier, you will enjoy discounted cost. We make your buying experience memorable as you get competitive prices.

Steady & Quick Supply

Strategically located in Caitang Town, popularly called “Kingdom of Stainless Steel,” we have first-hand access to high-quality, food-grade, and responsibly-made stainless steel, enabling us to meet your wholesale order within the expected time.

Environmentally Friendly

The materials we use are not harmful and are in compliance with the global regulatory standards of environmental. Compared with plastic lunch boxes, our square stainless steel lunch boxes can be recycled and will not pollute the environment.

One-stop Solution for Square Steel Tiffin Box Manufacturing

Nicety stainless steel tiffin box company is a one-stop solution provider that caters to all square steel lunch box needs.

Here are the processes undertaken in production.



An automatic blanking machine is used to cut the stainless steel plate into small pieces that can be molded.



To do the first stretch molding (i.e., to mold the lunch box into shape), a hydraulic punching machine is used.



A punching machine is used to trim the edges of the square steel tiffin box, thereby smoothing the sharp edges and contours, as well as improving their aesthetics.



An edge cutting machine is used to round the edges of the steel square tiffin box to get a smooth and flat layer. Then they are polished to enhance their beauty.


Spot Welding

A manufacturing technique that’s used to add decorative parts to the stainless steel square lunch box. This improves their elegance.


Cleaning & Packaging

To end production, ultrasonic cleaning and wipe cleaning is done after which the square steel tiffin boxes will be packaged according to your preference.

Over 10 Years of Experience as a Stainless Steel Lunch Box Square Factory

Having more than a decade of experience as a stainless steel lunch box square factory, we’ve provided wholesale stainless steel containers to several brands.

Quality Certification:

Following our production of high-quality square tiffin boxes, we are certified by numerous global regulatory standards, such as the LFBG, EU, REACH, FDA, CE, and BSCI.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Nicety has a broad range of manufacturing capabilities with specialty in meeting all square steel tiffin boxes wholesale demands. With our 4300m² factory and 4 established production lines, we are
able to produce 4500pcs/day.

R&D and OEM Capacity

At Nicety, we are capable of making all kinds of customized square steel lunch boxes irrespective of their appearance, size, color, handles, lids, prints, packaging, etc.

After-sale Services

Your satisfaction is our priority. After your order is completed and delivered, we follow-up to provide further assistance to any challenge that arises.

Square Steel Tiffin Box Sourcing Guide

Square steel tiffin boxes are making the rounds on the market for their stylish design, portability, and mobility. Following the increase in the number of


steel tiffin box manufacturers, it’s imperative that you know the types of square steel lunch boxes to make an informed decision.


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