Lunch Box Manufacturers Ultimate Guide

Over the years, people have developed an interest in packaging and storing their food in various types of lunch boxes depending on their preferences. This has led to the expansion of the lunch box global market with the presence of numerous competitive manufacturers.

This market flooded with various types of suppliers and manufacturers have made it difficult for some clients to get their desired choice of durable products. However, below is a list of some of the most reliable lunch box suppliers that can assist you to make more informed decisions. This post highlights the best manufacturers based on the 5 major materials used, which are stainless steel, plastic, glass, wood, and ceramics.

Steel Tiffin Lunch Box Manufacturers 

Below is a list of the best stainless steel tiffin lunch box manufacturers available. This list was compiled based on durability, high-quality guarantee, and after-sales services.

  1. Nicety Stainless Co., LTD
  2. Bosom Metal Co., LTD
  3. Hefei Winolaz Cookware Co., LTD
  4. Chao’an Caitang Town Xinyuan Stainless Steel Factory 


Nicety Logo
Source: Nicety

Type of Business: Stainless steel food container manufacturer 

Headquarters: Lihua road, Huaqiao Industrial Area, Caitang Town, Chao’an District, Chaozhou, Guangdong, P.R. China

Year Founded: 2005

Certificates: LFGB, EU, REACH, FDA, CE, BSCI

Nicety is a prominent stainless steel tiffin box manufacturer dedicated to quality and consistent production. The company provides a variety of stainless steel food storage containers wholesales which are made of superior materials. Their top-notch customization service helps you bolster your branding campaign that resonates with your target audience.

Nicety steel tiffin lunch boxes are designed to be chemical-free, therefore ensuring that human health and the environment remain safe. Having established a supply channel, the production rate has increased with the help of cutting-edge technology and highly-skilled workers.


  • Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes
  • Stainless Steel Outdoor Camping Products 
  • Stainless Steel Pet Food Utensils 

BOSOM Metal Co., LTD

BOSOM Metal Logo
Source: Bosom

Type of Business: Stainless steel lunch box manufacturer 

Headquarters: Foshan, China.

Year Founded: 2010

As a leading manufacturer of stainless steel in the global market, BOSOM processes, distributes, and trades stainless steel products like the tiffin lunch box, kitchenware, utensils,etc. They are focused on meeting customers’ requirements while painstakingly looking into the order details of the clients.

Bosom provides good quality products at affordable prices to all clients making sure they get the best market value.


  • Stainless Steel Colander bowl
  • Stainless Steel Buffet dishes 
  • Stainless Steel tableware
  • Stainless Steel kettle
  • Stainless Steel tray

Hefei Winolaz Cookware Co., LTD

Winolaz Cookware Logo
Source: Winolaz Cookware

Type of Business: Stainless steel lunch box manufacturer 

Headquarters: Jingsheng Commercial City, Dangfeike Road, Hefei, Anhui,China

Year Founded: 2011

Hefei Winolaz Cookware Co. LTD is a prominent tiffin box supplier. They are well known for their high quality, affordable prices and good customer service.

Their products are of ISO 2000 standard alongside a high quality control and production system. They are also capable of taking all forms of orders, OEM and ODM orders included.


  • Mixing Bowl
  • Finger Bowl
  • Lunch Box
  • Food Container

Chao’an Caitang Town Xinyuan Stainless Steel Facts

Type of Business: Stainless steel manufacturer

Headquarters: Guangdong, China

Year Founded: 1995

Chao’an Caitang Town Xinyuan Stainless Steel factory specializes in the manufacture of wholesale stainless steel containers like the tiffin box, tableware, teapot, kettle, etc. These stainless steel products are designed in the factory as a perfect combination of art and craftwork. With the continuous development of these products in the international market, the Xinyuan brand is aimed at improving its products to meet clients’ requirements.

The tiffin box manufacturer is known for delivering products with durability and smooth finish in the global market.


  • Kettle 
  • Teapot 
  • Basin & Bowl
  • Water Barrel
  • Cup Warmer 

Plastic Lunch Box Manufacturers

Below is a list of some of the best plastic lunch box manufacturers available:

  1. Qianruiyuan Industry and Trade Co.,LTD
  2. Eyung Union Science & AMP; Technology Co, LTD
  3. Enjoyland Plastic Industrial Co., LTD
  4. Shangyi Plastic
  5. Long Companion Industrial Company Limited

Qianruiyuan Industry and Trade Co.,LTD

QianRuiYuan Industry and Trade Co. Logo
Source: Qianruiyuan Industry

Type of Business: Plastic lunch box manufacturer 

Headquarters: Xiaman, China

Year Founded: 2019

Qianruiyuan Industry and Trade Co., is well known for their capacity to make plastic injection molds and plastic parts. They have highly-skilled workers in the R & D department who make use of high technology machines to make molds alongside 20 plastic injection machines that have the capacity to produce different kinds of parts.

They offer a variety of products that meet client’s multifarious demands. They also engage in all forms of OEM and ODM to make their products stand out in the global market. 


  • Plastic Food Containers 
  • Children Plate Set
  • Hair Dryer Plastic Holder 

Eyung Union Science & AMP; Technology Co, LTD

Eyung Union Science AMP Logo
Source: Eyung Union Science & AMP

Type of business: Plastic lunch box manufacturer 

Headquarters: No. A11, Factory Phase 11, Fugiao Area 3, Xinhe Community, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China

Year Founder: 2007

For over a decade, Eyung Union Science & AMP; Technology Co, LTD has developed and produced several plastic lunch boxes for the global market. They have a capacity of 3 million units annually with 15,000 square meters of area. Their products are of international ISO14001 which is aimed to continuously expand existing product lines and develop new products.

They are dedicated to providing quality assurance to their clients in the target market. They also aim to expand their brand globally in order to meet clients’ requirements.


  • Juice Blender
  • Stand Mixer 

Enjoyland Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.

Enjoyland Plastic Industry Logo
Source: Enjoyland Plastic Industrial

Type of Business: Plastic manufacturer

Head Quarters: Shantan, China 

Year Founded: 2008

Enjoyland Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd, is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic in China. The company is equipped with 4 modern workshops alongside 100 sets of modern equipment to make production faster.

This company provides customers with a stable quality and durable product while using strict quality control on the product. They are dedicated to making premium materials, and custom designs to meet clients demands.


  • Food Container 
  • Bento Box
  • Food Plate 

Shangyi Plastic

Shangyi Plastic Logo
Source: Shangyi Plastic

Type of Business: Plastic manufacturer

Head Quarters: Rm 715 Building No.B Junyue Mansion Jiaojiang, Taizhou, Zhenjiang, China

Year Founded: 2018

This company is located in Taizhou – a base of plastic and mold in China. They are experts in designing several household items. Using advanced equipment and powerful technology with the help of skilled workers, ODM and OEM services are provided to customers.

They also control raw materials and production processes in order to ensure only quality goods are produced and sold in the global market.


  • Kitchen Series ( Kitchen gadget)
  • Storage Series (storage container)
  • Cutting Board Set
  • Plastic Storage Box

Long Companion Industrial Company Limited

Long Companion Industrial Company Logo
Source: Long Companion Industrial Company

Type of Business: Plastic manufacturer 

Head Quarters: GuangDong Province.

Year Founded: 2013

The company has four automatic and two suspension production lines to ensure the plastic molding is environmentally safe. They are well known for their research, development and production services.

The products from the company are always cost-effective and they are designed for import and export to many countries in order to meet client’s requirements.


  • Tags
  • Labels
  • Paper bags 
  • Winding 

Glass Lunch Container Manufacturer 

Below is a list of some of the best glass lunch box manufacturers available:

  1. Simpassic Import and Export Co. LTD
  2. Shandong Best True Homeware Co., LTD
  3. Linkfine Houseware Co., LTD
  4. Honhai Glass Company Limited
  5. Shangli Artware Co., LTD

Simpassic Import and Export Co. LTD

Simpassic Import and Export Logo
Source: Simpassic Import and Export Co.

Type of Business: Glass containers manufacturer

Headquarters: Shanding, China

Year Founded: 2013

This is a famous glassware manufacturer in China. With the help of their highly trained expert team, they meet client demand in the global market. Some of the ultimate goals of their products for clients include simple and safe design amongst others. 

They also offer other solution options like the customization design to meet the client’s exact specifications and make it stand out in the global market.


  • Glass Cup
  • Glass Jar
  • Glass Food Container 
  • Glass Mug

Shandong Best True Homeware Co., LTD

Best True Homeware Co. Logo
Source: Best True Homeware Co.

Type of Business: Glass container manufacturer

Headquarters: Shandong, China

Year Founded: 2021

This factory is well known for its OEM, ODM Research & Development Capability. They specialize in glass products, including glass bottles, glass Vases, etc. They are focused on meeting clients’ needs, which is why they are keen on processing their orders precisely.

The company has provided tons of thousands of families with high-grade glass lunch containers that are manufactured in various styles and shapes.


  • Glass Candle Jar
  • Glass Dispensers
  • Glass Bottle
  • Glass Kitchenware 

Linkfine Houseware CO., LTD

Linkfine Houseware Co. Logo
Source: Linkfine Houseware Co.

Type of Business: Glass container manufacturer 

Headquarters: 129, Building 49 Fuji Park 888 Purui Avenue, Yueliangdao Wangcheng, Changsha, Hunan, China

Year Founded: 2012

This factory’s mission is to provide the best products and services to clients. They work tirelessly round the clock to ensure they meet the expectation of all clients.

The company is well-known to have a set of skilled experts who are focused to produce the highest standards of quality. They ensure they prefer better solutions to clients’ plastic container design through creative and sustainable solutions for any form of challenge.


  • Travel Mug
  • Water Bottle
  • Food Storage 
  • Glass Ware
  • Laundry Hampe

Honhai Glass Company Limited

Honhai Glass Company Limited Logo
Source: Honhai Glass Company 

Type of Business: Glass manufacturer

Headquarters: Room 331, Shengkai Fortune Plaza No.29 Luoyang Street, Jinan, Shandong, China

Year Founded: 2012

They are specialized in producing and supplying borosilicate glass tube, rod and other related glassblowing articles. As a leading lunch box supplier, they have the capability to make glass lunch boxes with over 150,000 metric tons.

Using the high technology continuous process improvements, Honda. Industrial Group has produced highly precise dimensions in China today. The factory is well equipped with advanced machinery with the technical know-how to perform complete quality management and friendly customer service.


  • Borosilicate Glass Tube Tubing Rod
  • Pharmaceutical Glass Packaging 
  • Borosilicate Glass Sheets

Shangli Artware Co., LTD.

Shangli Artware Co. Logo
Source: Shangli Artware Co.,

Type of Business: Glass manufacturer 

Headquarters: Badaun Economic Zone, Mapo Town, Tongshan County, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China

Year Founded: 2011

This tiffin box company specializes in producing glass containers like wine bottles, juice bottles, water cups, etc for daily usage. They consist of 3 workshops and 8 warehouses which span over about 15,000 square meters. 

With the help of over 300 workers and experienced managing staff, they are able to produce about 800,000pcs of glass lunch boxes. They are aimed at ensuring high quality and a good reputation for their products in the global market. 


  • Glass Bottle
  • Glass Jar
  • Glass Candle Jar

Wooden Lunch Box Manufacturer 

Below is a list of some of the best plastic lunch box manufacturers available:

  1. Hai Yang International Limited
  2. Xuanheng Import & Export Co., LTD
  3. Jiangman Expands Handicraft CO., LTD

Hai Yang International Limited

Hai Yang International Limited
Source: Hai Yang International Limited

Type of Business: Wood manufacturer

Headquarters: Yiwu, China

Year Founded: 2020

This factory handles a variety of operations ranging from molding, polishing, bathing, etc in order to best clients’ requirements in the global market. They also have partner workshops that produce wooden toys, PVC toys, and wooden lunch boxes to ensure the demand of customers is met as at when due to avoid delay.


  • Wooden Toy
  • Educational Toy
  • Wooden Puzzle Toy
  • Wooden Blocks 

Xuanheng Import & Export Co., LTD

Type of Business: Wood manufacturer

Headquarters: Zhejiang, China

Year Founded: 2014

With over 10 years of production history, Xuanheng Import & Export Co.,LTD makes use of its strong technical strength and scale advantage to ensure they meet its goals in the target market.

They make use of traditional craft alongside modern technology to produce their products. With the help of their highly skilled team, they ensure their clients get the best value and high standards of products.


  • Bamboo Shelf
  • Outdoor Beach Furniture 
  • Bamboo Box
  • Wooden Beer Table 

Jiangman Expands Handicraft Co., LTD

Type of Business: Wood manufacturer

Headquarters: Guangdong, China.

Year Founded: 2006

This is a professional wood wholesale tiffin box factory with the sole aim of producing wooden houseware and kitchenware. They produce high-quality natural bamboo and solid wood. They are well known in the global market having passed SGS, FSC and BSC1 certifications.

Jiangmen Expands Handicraft has the requirements to process high-standard wooden lunch boxes which are recognized by standard industries and clients.


  •  Bamboo and Wood Products for Kitchens and Households
  • Wooden Lunch Box
  • Kitchen Knife

Ceramic Lunch Box Manufacturer 

Below is a list of some of the best plastic lunch box manufacturers available:

  1. Zhenxin Ceramics FTY
  2. Hengbao Group Co., LTD
  3. Veio Ceramics Co., LTD
  4. Global Housewares Factory

Zhenxin Ceramics FTY

Zhenxin Ceramics FTY Logo
Source: Zhenxin Ceramics FTY

Type of Business: Ceramics manufacturer 

Headquarters: Guangdong, China

Year Founded: 1995

This is a leading manufacturer of ceramic lunch boxes in China. They are also well known for producing dinner plates, salad bowls, mugs, etc. With the help of their highly skilled workers, they offer a variety of products that are recognized and trusted by clients and can meet continuously changing economic and social needs.

They are also well known for producing high-standard ceramic products which are recognized in the global market.


  • Dinnerware
  • Bowl
  • Plate
  • Lunch Box
  • Bakeware
  • Coffee Cup

Hengbao Group Co., LTD

Hengbao Group Co. Logo
Source: Hengbao Group Co.,

Type of Business: Ceramics manufacturer 

Headquarters: Zhejiang, China

Yeah Founded: 1996

This company specializes in producing and developing ceramics, glassware/ tableware/ kitchenware amongst others. As one of the professional suppliers of bento box bulk in China, they supply door-to-door services when required. They operate across countries like the UK, Spain, UAE, Australia etc.

With their production technology and exporting experience, they aim at designing and producing beautiful quality ceramic products to meet clients’ requirements. They are also well known for being specialized in designing and developing.


  • Coffee Pots
  • Ceramic Mug
  • Ceramic Lunch Box
  • Ceramic Jar

Veio Ceramics Co., LTD

Veio Ceramics Co. Logo
Source: Veio Ceramics Co.,

Type of Business: Ceramics manufacturer

Headquarters: Guangdong, China

Year Founded: 2012

Veio specializes in the professional manufacture of ceramic home utensils. They have special skills in simplifying your ideas to suit clients’ needs.

Amongst the expertise of the company is the making of lunch boxes that can last a lifetime. They are committed to premium materials, custom designs, and uncompromising quality.


  • Ceramic Lunch Box
  • Ceramic Flower Pot
  • Ceramic Vase
  • Ceramic Home Decor
  • Ceramic Pot

Global Housewares Factory 

Global Housewares Factory Logo
Source: Global Housewares Factory

Type of Business: Ceramics manufacturer

Headquarters: No 13, Huancheng South Road, Longxun Town, Dehua County, Fujian

Year Founded: 2015

This is a professional ceramic manufacturing factory that specializes mainly in producing ceramic tableware and kitchenware. The products are available at a very affordable rate accompanied by high quality and prompt shipment.

Also, they are well known for offering a variety of products that meet clients’ multifarious demands.


  • Ceramics 
  • Lunch Box
  • Ceramic Tableware
  • Kitchenware

5 Tips for Finding a Reliable Tiffin Box Manufacturer 

Having listed out all the trust-worthy and reliable steel tiffin box manufacturers and suppliers above, there are still some other things to consider when choosing a high-quality and durable tiffin box for your use. This can include bulk ordering of tiffin boxes from your chosen manufacturer.

So in this section, we have compiled some of the most important things you can do to find a reputable and reliable manufacturer for your specific needs

Nicety stainless oval lunch box with buckle

1. Research How Reliable the Tiffin Box Manufacturer is

Below are some of the things you can do to validate how reliable your supplier is:

  • Run a D&B report to access the company’s creditworthiness. This report contains the financial status and commercial credit of the company.
  • How long the company has been in the line of business? The history of a company can determine its future productivity.
  • The location of the headquarters of the lunch box manufacturer.
  • How professional the company’s website is.

2. Check Out the Equal of the Tiffin Box Supplier’s Products

To verify the quality of the supplier product, below are some of the things to check out:

  • The quality system of the tiffin box manufacturer. The acceptable quality standard is ISO9001 which is always internationally regulated.
  • Check if your manufacturer provides quality test results for their fixture.
  • Ask for a demo to better evaluate the quality of the product. 
  • The number of product iterations for each product.
  • The competitiveness of the products’ prices in the global market.
  • The warranty terms should be economical and be able to meet the client’s needs.

3. Determine the Level of Support You Will Get From the Tiffin Box Supplier

Once you are certain that the supplier is a well-established one with good customer reviews and high quality, the next thing is to see how much support you will get before, during, and after the project.

You can contact the salesperson of your supplier to confirm the information you need regarding their products and the buying process.

4. See How Easily You Can Get Pricing, Technical Information and ROI Analysis From Your Chosen Supplier

Your tiffin box supplier should be able to give you catalogs, price lists, test data, and others. It is also good to know the ROI you will get on the prices of the product of your supplier. This helps you make an informed decision on the supplier who gives you the highest ROI.

5. Know the Turnaround Time of Your Tiffin Box Supplier

Your tiffin box supplier should be able to deliver your purchased products within a stipulated time. There are lots of suppliers who adhere to early delivery times but often fail in the actual delivery period. 

A good way for you to check if your supplier can meet the delivery time is to ask for samples. If you do not get the samples within the assigned time, do not expect that you will get your bulk order delivered in time.


The importance of high-quality lunch boxes has a huge significance in the market as they are usable by all and sundry, including kids, adults, and office workers. For instance, acquiring a low-quality lunch box from a stainless steel lunch box square factory can lead you to get another replacement in no time causing you to spend more money.

With our selection of the top lunch box manufacturers, you can be assured you will now save more money. On the top of the list is Nicety. The company has the best options available. You can make a contact us for the highest quality and functional stainless steel lunch boxes.

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