Best Lunch Containers for Kids  

Lunch containers are one of the essentials in caring for children. These portable containers are designed to hold food that helps to keep your kids refreshed and renew lost energy during the day. 

As a parent or guardian getting ready ahead of the back-to-school season means purchasing new school supplies and at the top of the list should be a lunch container. Just as it is with all other items for children, making the choice amongst tons of options of lunch containers for kids is usually the most fun.

One major advantage of lunch container shopping for kids is that you can purchase one at any time you wish. A lot of schools do not usually make their supply lists available to parents or guardians of their students until very late into the summer season.

However, there are usually no special requirements by the schools for lunch containers, and for this reason, it is up to the parent’s discretion to pick out the best lunch container for their kids. People can always purchase lunch containers even before the arrival of supplies from the school.

Why the Right Lunch Containers are Important for Kids 

a green lunch container with side clips
Source: Nicety

It is important that children are given the right diet in order to help sustain the level of nourishment required for mental and physical development. Eating well also helps maintain proper health conditions. Achieving this is somewhat impossible if a child does not have what it takes to store his/her food until lunchtime. Hence, the importance of the lunch container can not be overestimated.

Now, let’s take a brief look at some of the reasons why you should ensure to get the right lunch containers for kids.

  • Increased Utility: One of the main reasons why kids need the right lunch containers is because parents will be able to do more. The right lunch containers make it very easy for parents to pack their children’s lunches with increased versatility. Some lunch containers are good for only a certain type of food and as a result, when used to pack another type of food it ends up getting bad. 

Asides from being able to pack all the different kinds of food the child wants, the right lunch container at times is designed to hold even more than one food. So your kids will have varieties of food to spice up their lunch.

  • Food Preservation: Shopping for the right lunch containers is not just about being able to pack food and take it along to where it will be consumed, it is more about using it to store food, and meeting it in the exact same condition in which it was packed. A good lunch container can preserve the state and taste of food for quite a number of hours at a single stretch.

With the right lunch container for kids, parents do not need to be worried if their child’s food will still be edible by lunchtime because a good one will ensure just that. Picking the right lunch container for your kid can help to keep their food safe, airtight, and at the appropriate temperature.

This importance of the right lunch container for kids eliminates the problem of children returning their food from school, untouched because it probably developed a foul odor or taste. 

  • Cost Effective: The cost-effectiveness of purchasing the right kid’s lunch container does not assure that they will be cheap, instead it guarantees that parents do not have to spend too much on their kid’s lunch boxes over a certain period of time. 

When you buy the right lunch container, you would have eliminated the need to plan for another replacement shortly. In other words, buying the right containers means your wards will use them for much longer. In a situation whereby a parent needs to change their kids lunch container 3 times in one year, another parent who bought the right lunch containers will have no need for this as the longevity is guaranteed.

  • They are Eco-friendly: Why should one make sure that they buy only the best lunch containers for kids? It is important because doing so will go a long way in ensuring a greener earth. 

Some lunch containers are made of sustainable materials that are beneficial to the environment. This makes sure that there is less toxic waste emission as a result of container production. When you buy the right one, it will last for a long time and you would not bother with buying another. This reduces the high demand for them and inadvertently reduces production waste.

Also, lunch containers are usually reusable, unlike plastic bags and improvised lunch boxes that can only be used a few times before getting trashed. Using the right lunch container reduces the amount of waste that the world produces from disposing and manufacturing new lunch packs.

  • Quality Materials: Due to a lot of parents wanting to opt for cheaper products, many companies that produce lunch containers for kids have now devised a means to reduce the cost of production, hence making it cheaper in the stores. 

This means of manufacturing cheaper products is however not ethically nor medically ideal. Companies now make use of a BPA chemical for the production of lunch containers. This same chemical is often used for plastics and is very bad because it is known to find its way into stored food and from there taken into the body.

It’s unhealthy as it could result in several health concerns which could have easily been avoided by purchasing the right lunch containers for kids. This is why it is recommended to only patronize reputable companies for your stainless steel food containers wholesale needs.

Best Lunch Containers for Kids

Double compartment lunch box with food
Source: Nicety

Tons of lunch containers from different brands worldwide can be found in the market. However, it is imperative to see through the multitude as the lunch container market is populated by even more substandard products.

As parents or guardians, you have to find a lunch container that is versatile, sturdy, and attractive (most kids love their belongings to look fun). These containers come in different styles, designed to meet different needs. Some of them are the backpack-and cooler-style lunch containers for kids, as well as bento lunch boxes which are ideal for both kids and adults.

Putting these aforementioned important factors in mind, and after expert testing of more than a dozen lunch containers for over a couple of years now, as well as independent tests and research, we have prepared a well-curated list of the best stainless steel lunch box for school.

1. Nicety Single-layer Oval Lunch Box with Buckle

Oval lunch boxes with buckle
Source: Nicety

The single-layer oval lunch box with buckle is the best lunch container for kids among hundreds. This lunch box is a small capacity single-layer container that can store 600ml of food. The oval lunch box is made with 100% quality stainless steel. 

Customers can choose from three specifications, that is, the single box, the 2 square, and the all-rounder 3-cell lunch box. The single box plate allows you to pack just one type of food at a time. The 2-square lunch container is divided into two compartments which gives you the chance to dish two different kinds of food. And the 3-cell lunch box offers even more varieties. With this, parents can pack as many as 3 delicacies in a single lunch box based on diet habits. 

On the side of the single-layer oval lunch box, there is a buckle design that can be attached to the body of the box, making it more portable and mobile. With this fastener, parents do not need to get worked up about their children’s food falling down and pouring away. It ensures that the contents of the lunch container are tightly kept. 

The bottom of this amazing product is designed to have a flat surface with a smooth feel. When kids want to eat, they can place this lunch box on its lid using it as a pad to enable it not to fall or slip off. The single-layer oval lunch box also has the capability of functioning as a snack box and storing some amounts of food. You can purchase this lunch container from Nicety stainless tiffin box manufacturer, one of the most reputable producers of stainless lunch containers worldwide.

Key Product Features

  • This toddler lunch box has a length of 16.5cm, a width of 11.5cm, and a height of 4.8cm.
  • It is 0.5mm thick and can contain 609 ml. of food.
  • The lunch packs weigh differently. The single box weighs 211g, the 2-square box weighs 224g, and the 3-cell box has a weight of 235g.
  • It is made with quality 304 stainless steel.


  • It has multiple compartment options.
  • This lunch box has a very balanced bottom with a non-slip lid.
  • Very portable and easy to carry.
  • Locks in food tightly.
  • It can also double as a snack box.



2. Bentoheaven Deluxe Bento Lunch Box

Two tier bento lunch box
Source: Pinterest

The bentoheaven deluxe bento lunch box is made up of two tiers and held together in place with a thick elastic band. One of its tiers or compartments has a divider that can be adjusted and another separate container designed to hold sauces, soups, berries, or any other small food item.

The lid of each of the tiers’ edges with a gasket around it ensures that each of the compartments are totally leakproof.

Key Product Features

  • Made with 100% recyclable polypropylene material.
  • 40 ounce in weight.
  • This product comes with 2-3 containers. 


  • Microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Available in different colors and comes with a complete set of utensils.
  • Dividers can be removed or adjusted.


  •  The lid can get very stiff, hence sometimes too difficult for kids to single-handedly open.
  • It is not insulated.

3. Plastic Lunch Container

Three plastic lunch boxes
Source: Pinterest

The next in line is the plastic lunch container. This container is ideal for kids because of its durability and ability to be used under the most unideal conditions without showing much wear on its look. Also considering that children tend to be played a lot, the plastic lunch container is an easy choice. 

This lunch container has a minimal yet exquisite design that makes it quite easy to clean and maintain. The plastic lunch box is also dishwasher friendly. It comes in both single and multi-compartment designs; some in round lids, some square, while oval designs are also available. 

Key Product Features

  • Made with durable materials.
  • The product comes with a five-year warranty.


  • The lunch box is dishwasher friendly.
  • Ideal for storing varieties of food.
  • Comes in different sizes.


  • Can not lock heat in if not insulated.

Best Stainless Steel Bento Box for Kids 

The Bento box is derived from a Chinese word that means “convenient.” This type of lunch box is specifically designed to come in compartments meant to separate courses or toppings. The bento lunch box is a parent favorite for their children as it is able to contain a variety of meals.

Below are 3 of the best stainless steel bento box for kids:

Nicety 2 PCS Lunch Box Set with Handle Strap

2pcs lunch box set with bamboo cover
Source: Nicety

This lunch container is very ideal for kids. The 2PCS lunch box with a handle strap consists of two lunch boxes. One of these lunch boxes is a rectangular steel lunch box while the other is a double-grid oval lunch box. These two toddler lunch boxes can be packed on top of each other. 

This special lunch box design comes with a hand strap made from silicone. The hand strap can be locked in a hook on the lower lunch box making it easy for packing and moving around. It fits well into the personality of little kids who might be naturally playful. 

The 2pcs lunch box for kids has a cover made from bamboo with a concave design. The wooden cover can be used as a balance for the lunch box, and also act as a non-slip effect. It has a design that makes it convenient for adults as well as children. When on an outdoor picnic, the cover of the lunch box can be utilized as a mini cutting board.

Key Product Features 

  • This lunch box has a length of 15.7cm, width of 11.2cm and a height of 5.1cm for the 500ml lunch box. Meanwhile for the bigger square lunch box with the capacity of 800ml, the size is 16.5cm by 11.5cm by 6 cm. 
  • It is 0.5mm thick and weighs 442g, making it very easy for kids to use. 
  • This product is made of 304 stainless steel.


  • Easy to carry.
  • Very versatile.
  • Beautiful wooden lid that catches attention.


  • Requires adult supervision to pack.

Oval Two-grid Bento Box For Child

Two grid stainless steel Bento box
Source: Nicety

The oval two-grid bento box is one of the best stainless steel Bento lunch boxes for kids. This lunch container is made with the best stainless steel material. The body design is so expertly done in a matte fashion that you will not find any welding spots. 

This two-grid bento box for kids is a compartmentalized lunch box that is only as big as the human adult hand. Its small size makes it a kid favorite and allows it to be effective in almost any setting.

Nicety’s oval-shaped two-grid bento box for kids comes with a silicone seal and double anti-leakage design which prevents food or soup from accidentally spilling. This helps to keep kids safe by blocking food contaminants from getting into their food.

Key Product Features 

  • It has a length of 16.5cm, the width of 11.5cm, and a height of 6.1cm.
  • The lunch box is 0.5mm thick and weighs 208g, and it is very easy for kids to use. 
  • This product is made of 304 stainless steel.


  • Two compartments allow for children’s meals to be packed separately.
  • It has a buck that is very tight and leakproof, keeping the food always secure.
  • It is ultralight.


  • N/A

Rover Stainless Steel Lunch Box

Stainless steel lunch box
Source: Pinterest

The next in line is the rover stainless steel lunch box. This container is ideal for kids because of its durability without showing much wear on its look. Also considering that children tend to be played a lot, this could be an easy choice. 

This lunch container has a very simple steel design that makes it quite easy to clean and maintain, it is also dishwasher friendly. The river stainless steel lunch box comes in two containers (nestled as one but in compartments) with round lids, a small one, and a larger one.

Key Product Features

  • This lunchbox weighs 1.6 pounds and is 10 by 7 by 1.5 inches.
  • The product comes with a five-year warranty.


  • The lunch box is dishwasher friendly.
  • Ideal for storing varieties of food.
  • Comes in different sizes.


  • This lunch container is a little bit expensive.
  • The rover lunch box is not fully leakproof.

Nicety Oval Lunch Box with Bamboo Lid 

bamboo lid oval lunch box
Source: Nicety

Occupying our number two spot for best lunch containers for kids is the oval lunch box from top-quality steel lunch box manufacturer, Nicety. This oval lunch box is manufactured using quality 304 stainless and a bamboo lid to give it a very classic yet beautiful and interesting aesthetic look. Every material used in production is at least 99% environmentally friendly. 

This lunchbox has a fine and unique structure that easily captures the eye of any child or adult. It comes in an oval shape making it even more beautiful and practical as this design gives the lunch box an arc shape that makes it easier to scoop up food from inside it. 

Nicety oval lunch box is highly recommended as the ideal and appropriate lunch container for kids because of its safety. The edges of this lunch box can not be easily broken or cut and as such provides lasting protection for the contents of the lunch container. The safety of this lunch container is further facilitated with the aid of an elastic band placed around the lid. This elastic band provides maximum restraints to the cover from falling off.

Key Product Features

  • It has enough space for kids’ portions. This lunch box has a length of 16.5cm, width of 11.5cm, and height of 4.8cm. 
  • The lunch box is 0.5mm thick and weighs 249g, making it very easy for kids to carry. 
  • This product is made of 304 stainless steel for the body, and quality bamboo for the lid.


  • It is healthy and safe for kids
  • The lunch container is very portable and can be easily moved
  • Made with eco-friendly and sustainable materials
  • Nicety allows customers to request custom designs.


  • This particular lunch box has only one compartment.

Best Insulated Lunch Box for Toddlers 

Leak proof crisper bento box
Source: Nicety

Insulated lunch boxes help to keep food warm or cold as it is so desired. They have a vacuum between the inner and outer layers which is filled with dense foam. This helps to prevent energy dissipation. Some of the best insulated lunch boxes for toddlers are listed below:

Multi-Size Sealed Round Crisper Bento Box

5pcs round bento lunch boxes
Source: Nicety

To accommodate various usage scenarios, this lunch box comes in 5 distinct sizes. It is possible to stack items of various sizes on top of one another to efficiently conserve storage space.

Among them, the 1200 ml lunch box can be paired with an X-shaped spacer, which effectively divides the lunch box’s space and separates the food, preventing it from being jumbled together and making the lunch box more attractive and practical.

It’s made of 304 food-grade stainless steel, which is safe for the environment and human health.

Hydro Flask Kids Insulated Lunch Box 

Open insulated kids lunch box
Source: Pinterest

This kids insulated lunch box from Hydro Flask is made to keep food cold for hours. It has two layers of insulation and a 3.5-liter capacity.

The box is available in kid-friendly colors including Geranium (a bright green), Iris (a purple tint), and Grasshopper (a brilliant green). It includes an internal ring made to store utensils and an ice pack (a bright red).

The lunch box has a 4.8-star average rating out of 200 reviews on Hydro Flask’s website.

L.L.Bean Lunch Box 

Flower print children lunch box
Source: Pinterest 

This 5-liter soft-sided lunch box from L.L.Bean, which also makes some of our favorite children’s backpacks and one of the best lunch boxes for kids, offers a roomy space.

According to the manufacturer, an ice pack can be stored in the mesh pocket inside the lunch box to keep your child’s meal cool all day. Green, neon pink, and teal are just a few of the colors available. For an extra fee, you can also add a monogram to the front of the lunch box to make sure your child knows which pack is his/hers.

YETI Daytrip Lunch Bag

Black insulated lunch bag
Source: Pinterest 

If you want to splurge, this lunch bag from YETI keeps food cold by using the same rubber foam insulation as many of its soft-sided coolers (though ice packs are sold separately).

According to the company, it has a magnetic thermo snap clasp to maintain a constant temperature and a hook-and-loop grid to let you change the bag’s size. The bag, which comes in five colors, gets a 4.4-star rating overall based on almost 1,500 reviews on YETI’s website.

How to Choose the Best Lunch Boxes for Kids

two school girls eating their lunch
Source: iStock

Alt Text: two school girls eating their lunch 

  • Quality

Purchasing low-quality lunch boxes is detrimental as they will malfunction after a few use. It’s like spending money on a quality sweater that you can wear year-round as opposed to one that only lasts through one wash. 

Therefore, you can reduce the need for mid-year replacements by keeping sturdy lunch boxes for kids. Go for the best quality always.

  • Functionality

Functionality is very important when choosing the best lunch box for your child. Function should be put over appearance. 

Things to put into consideration:

  • Make sure the lunch box fits in your child’s backpack (does not take up all the space).
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to store
  • Safety

It’s important to avoid pinching and ensure little fingers don’t get cut or stuck. Proper adjustment of the hinge is important. Also, material safety must be considered.

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