Bamboo lid lunch box

Concave Bamboo Lid Lunch Box with Buckle

  • The lunch box body is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, which is healthy and environmentally friendly and easy to clean;
  • The lunch box lid made of bamboo material adopts the process of side pressing, which makes the bamboo lid structure stable and not easy to loosen;
  • There is a long fixing buckle on the side, which is mainly used to fix the lid and body of the lunch box, so that when you go out, you don't have to worry about the food falling out;
  • The bamboo cover is a groove design, which can be used as a cushion for the lunch box to prevent the lunch box from sliding; it can be used as a mini cutting board, which is convenient for cutting fruits when used outdoors, etc.
  • The product supports custom LOGO and pattern, and supports open mold production.
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Bamboo lid lunch box
Bamboo lid lunch box
Bamboo lid lunch box
Bamboo lid lunch box
Bamboo lid lunch box
Bamboo lid lunch box
Bamboo lid lunch box
Bamboo lid lunch box
Bamboo lid lunch box
Bamboo lid lunch box
Bamboo lid lunch box
Bamboo lid lunch box



Fixed Buckle

Side fixing buttons to stabilize the lunch box and prevent food from falling out.

Bamboo lid lunch box

Rounded Lid Edge Design

The edges of the lid are rounded and smooth, so you won't scratch your hands when using it.

Bamboo lid lunch box

Mirror Bright Lunch Box Design

The interior of the lunch box is a mirror bright design, not easy to be stained, dishwasher safe, easy to clean.

Bamboo lid lunch box

Tailor-Made to Your Specification

Personalize your stainless steel lunch boxes with our assortment of design applications, silicone covers, and brand-enhancing packaging.

technological design
Pattern Customization

Enhance the details for your custom lunch box with a variety of printing options.

Dusting process
Color Customization

Customized personalized lunch boxes in different colors.

Kraft paper box
Packaging Customization

Kraft paper box, white box, color box, a variety of packaging box options, customize your personalized product box.

Bamboo lid lunch box


Item No. SIZE
Capacity Thickness Weight Material QTY/CTN G.W.
NI001-ZGFXDK-800ML 16*11.5*5 800ml 0.5mm 275g 304 stainless steel+Bamboo 40 13 53*36*39
NI001-ZGFXDK-1200ML 18.8*13.9*6.3 1200ml 0.5mm 350g 304 stainless steel+Bamboo 36 14 50*49*47

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NI 1600 YXCWYSJ 304宠物饮水机饮水机
Product Name

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